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Casino Slots Machine Games

Like anything else, the slot machines are categorized into various types. The slot machines though seem to be very different but for most of the Casino slots machine games, there are mostly 3 basic types of slots available. Here are the basic types you are going to find in the casinos:

  1. Straight slots

Straight slots are simple slots on which you can only play the slot games. Even on these kinds of slots, you will find some variations. These include:

  • Wildcard

It is a symbol that means you can substitute it for any symbol. You are going to have more chances of getting higher payouts because you can use it for just about anything you need.

  • Multiplier

You will see one or more reels having a symbol multiplying your win. It can be x2, x5 or more

  • Bonus multiplier

It is the category in which one or more reels have a symbol which multiply the bonus you have received. It is just like a wild card, but you can only use it when you get it in the bonus payout.

  • Multiple Paylines

It is the situation when you have more than one line which you can bet on for winning. Some casino slots machines have 20 different play lines on which you can place a new bet.

  • Buy a pay

These are the machines on which more than one payout table is available. If you want to bet on the payout table, it is going to cost you an additional bet. Although betting would cost you more but that is worth it as you will have more chances of winning with the combination of different symbols.

  1. Progressive slots

They are similar to the way how the standard slots work, but there is one major difference which keeps on attracting the players. They are linked to other machines throughout the casino. When a plyer bets on these machines, a small percentage from each bet is taken and added to the total of the progressive jackpot that is there on each machine. Just spin to come up with the right combination and you might just win. That’s why players like to play on progressive slots.

  1. Bonus slots

The bonus Casino slots machine games are pretty fun. When you make a certain combination of symbol, the machine offers you extra games to play. With the variety of games you get to play, the chances of winning bonus are always at their peak.

The traditional slot machines have 3 reels while the advanced USA slot machine games can be found with 5 reels and even 7 reels. Additional reels mean that your chances of winning jackpots are going to be large. Among the advanced slot machine games, video slots are also available. They don’t have any moving parts, the reels are graphically displayed on the screen. It is basically a sort of computer game where you can hope to win some decent bonuses. SlotsPlus casino games can let you play various slot games on traditional and as well as advanced reels.

Casino Slots Machine Games

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